Family Law and Custody Law

We know a marriage dissolution, property division and/or child care matter is sensitive, and often fraught with emotion.  Our attorney has knowledge of the most current laws surrounding your case, but also the compassion, patience and respect for our clients that is the difference between a satisfactory and outstanding legal process.

Our attorneys represent clients in many family law matters, including:

Support modification

When life circumstances change, such as the loss of a job or birth of another child, it may be necessary to modify orders for spousal or child support.

Domestic partnerships

Domestic violence

Guardianship and adoption

Our attorneys concentrate practicing in the area of guardianship, contested guardianship, and administrating of guardian estates in order to protect your interest and that of the alleged incapacitated person.



If a judge orders a spouse to do something pursuant to the divorce and they’re not doing it, it is necessary to bring another action to force the party to comply.


We handle temporary or permanent separation agreements and disputes, including support and child custody.


Our Attorney practices mediation and has successfully completed mediation over the last 32 years of practicing in this area of law.  We’re able to provide mediation advice assistance and agreement.

Premarital Assets

Our attorney fights hard to protect your premarital assets in settlements and trials and has the best experience over 32 years litigation these matters.  Premarital assets are general exempt under New Jersey Law.

Business Valuations

The value of your business in a matrimonial matter is a key issue to equitable distribution.  Our attorney works with the best experts in business valuations and is experienced in issues regarding disputed valuations and double counting in terms of alimony.

Pension Divisions

Your retirement accounts, 401k, and pensions are some of the most valuable assets that you have to divide in a matrimonial matter.  We will work with you and the required experts in the area to achieve your goals.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders are orders of the courts issued to divide retirement accounts or 401k.  These are complicated orders; our attorneys will work with you and any needed expert to achieve the best results and divide the assets according to your agreements.

Equitable Distributions

New Jersey is an Equitable Distribution state for dividing assets acquired during the marriage.  The courts of New Jersey weigh many factors when dividing assets.  Our attorneys will fight hard to achieve your requested results and maintain your premarital assets.


Our attorney is experienced in binding and non-binding arbitration.  These alternative dispute mechanisms are used frequently to avoid costly trials and maintain privacy.

Restraining Orders

Family Law

Our attorneys concentrate their practice in family law matters including: divorce, alimony, separation, child support, child custody, domestic violence, juvenile matters, and all matters involving family relations.


The children and their custody of any relationship are the most important issues of any court proceeding and to our attorneys and staff.  We strive to handle your custody issues with the highest degree of professionalism for you and your family and the best interest of the children.

Visitation and Parenting Time

Visitation and Parenting Time are important issues to every client in any proceeding in family court.  Our attorneys understand these are delicate and meaningful issues to the clients and will strive to achieve the best results for the client and the children.

Child Support

Child Support analysis pursuant to New Jersey statute requires review of many factors including court rules and guidelines.  Child Support is typically a financial issue that can impact you and your children’s lifestyle for many years.  Child support issues vary according to the child’s age and matriculation at school and/or college.


The support from one spouse to another has serious financial implications to both parties.  Alimony or Spousal Support raises issues regarding actual or imputed earnings together with martial lifestyle.  It is important that you review with our attorneys all the factors set forth by New Jersey statutes as interpreted by our court regarding alimony and the impact of support on your ability to maintain your similar lifestyle.


Our attorneys focus their practice on trial work in the area of matrimonial and family law.  They strive to achieve the best results for you and your family.


Our attorneys handle appeals in matrimonial and family law matters.  We seek to give you the advice and representation necessary to guide you through complicated and onerous procedure for appeals.

Divorce, Custody, Support, Separation

Our attorneys handle all family law cases with compassion experience and skill necessary to assist you in your matter.   In a divorce separation our priorities are you and your children and a fair outcome so that both parties can co-exist.