Real Estate

Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or a first time home buyer, you will need an experienced real estate attorney to help you plan and protect your purchase.  Real estate transactions are typically the biggest transaction that you will enter into.  Some transactions can be straight forward while others involve many complications and require the attention of an experienced attorney.  We can answer your questions and guide you through this complex real estate transaction.

Our attorneys represent clients in many real estate matters, including:


The attorneys and professionals in our office handle residential and business closings as well as commercial transactions.  Our staff is able to meet your needs and assist you in a successful closing.  Our attorney and staff the best result is achieved by working closely with the client and keeping the client informed throughout the transaction.

Small Business


Our attorney and staff regularly handle landlord/tenant matters and residential and commercial matters including all phases of the eviction process and post judgement applications.  The landlord tenant system in New Jersey is a complicated system, requiring attention to detail.  Whether it is a non-payment of rent case, an eviction for rule violation, or damage to premises, our attorney is prepared to help you.


Condominium Associations

Our attorney handles the creation/formation of condominium associations as well as dealing with the condominium association bylaws and governing documents together with rules and regulations of the condominium associations under the restrictive covenants.  Our attorney has represented condominium associations as well as homeowners and is prepared to help you.