Estate Planning, Wills & Guardianships, and Estate Administration

The Law Offices of Edward Testino offer services in the area of Estate Planning, Wills, Guardianship, Estates and Administration.  The law Offices of Edward Testino offer the opportunity to personalize your estate and final words so that you’re leaving more than an asset, you’re leaving a legacy.

Our attorneys represent clients in many of these matters, including:

Guardianship and Adoption

Our attorneys concentrate practicing in the area of guardianship, contested guardianship, and administrating of guardian estates in order to protect your interest and that of the alleged incapacitated person.


Our attorneys and staff regularly handle probate matters, wills and estates, estate planning, complaints for accounting, responding/answering complain for accounting, passing of property through intestate succession, and challenging testimony devices and intent.  Will challenges can be complicated matters and require attorneys who have experience.

Chancery Actions

Our attorneys are experienced at handling, various chancery matters including restrictive covenants, requests for accounting, order to show cause matters, and restraining orders of a general nature.  In order to best represent you, our attorneys will provide you information and present your case in the best light before the court to bring proven results.


Temporary Restrictions


Restrictive Covenants

Order to Show Cause